ETDS shift planning

Online volunteer registration is closed. You have filled over 93 percent of the shifts; thank you very much. We will try to fill the remaining gaps during the ETDS, so if you want to help but are not yet registered, please listen to the announcements of our presenters during the tournaments and evenings. For your information, these pages will stay online, but you can no longer use the forms to register as a volunteer.

To take a shift, you can

  • either browse through the shifts and directly take any free shift
  • or enter your availability and let us find one or more shifts for you.

You can also browse the special shifts. If you want to register for a special shift (anything concerning the tournament organisation, information desk and medical assistance), please contact the respective members of the ETDS organisation as given in the task descriptions.

For more information on the shift types have a look at the task description.

Browse (non-special) shifts

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Shift types